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Welcome to GreaterGood

GreaterGood, Canberra's public charitable foundation, provides people with the facility to create their own tax effective charitable funds.

Through GreaterGood, you can start your own named charitable fund, with ease and at low cost, to produce perpetual income for your charitable causes.

The Capital Region Community Foundation (GreaterGood) is Canberra and Region's only public charitable foundation, established by the Public Trustee and Guardian.

GreaterGood is not a charity, however we are a charitable fund, and our aim is to "Link Good People with Good Causes".

We do this by making it possible for you to establish your own charitable foundations in a low-cost, tax-effective manner under the umbrella of GreaterGood. You can name your charitable fund, recommend the deductible charities to benefit, receive an immediate tax deduction and see your charities benefit from the income generated perpetually.

Welcome to GreaterGood Foundation...