Make a Bequest

Including a charitable bequest in your will is a simple way to make a lasting gift to your community. When you create a charitable fund under your Will, you have the opportunity to benefit the community forever with a permanent endowment.

Linking with good causes through your Will

An ideal way to remember your favourite charities is to create a charitable fund under your will.

For your convenience, GreaterGood offers the following sample Will clause:

Gift of Residue

I give the rest of my property to the Trustee for the CAPITAL REGION COMMUNITY FOUNDATION known as GreaterGood ("GreaterGood") to be held in a fund entitled "THE ---------- MEMORIAL FUND" in perpetuity and I REQUEST that the Trustee for GreaterGood pay and apply the net income therefrom or such other amount as the Trustee deems appropriate to the following charities (name charities and Australian Business Numbers if available) as tenants in common in equal shares on an annual or other basis for their general and charitable purposes and I REQUEST that should at any time any charity cease to exist or has amalgamated with another charity or has changed its name or if for any other reason this gift cannot take effect then to such charity, or charities, with similar aims and ideals as the Trustee for GreaterGood in its absolute discretion thinks fit and I DIRECT that the receipt of the secretary treasurer or such other proper officer from time to time of the said charities shall be a full and sufficient discharge to the Trustee for GreaterGood.