Donors and causes

Our ethos of "Linking good people with good causes", attracts a diverse group of philanthropists.

These include:

  • people settling amounts to their favourite charities through their Will;
  • people establishing charitable trusts during their lifetime with tax benefits;
  • workmates setting up a Workplace-Giving Fund;
  • people wishing to commemorate a loved one through a perpetual named family fund;
  • or just people who wish to address a variety of social needs in their community.

Our causes consist of those:

  • which attract income tax deductibility for the donor where the benefit goes to causes that are accredited as Deductible Gift Recipients by the Australian Taxation Office;
  • of a charitable nature where there is no deductibility for the donor.

Regardless as to the donor or the cause, our particular attraction is that the amount donated is retained as capital and invested for the perpetual benefit of the chosen cause/s.