Our Fund Stories

Peter James and Pauline Diana Rootes Memorial Fund

Peter and Pauline's legacy will benefit disabled and disadvantaged youth in the Snowy Mountain Region providing educational services and opportunities that will live on into perpetuity and will support the region they truly loved.

Christopher Van Leeuwen Asthma Foundation

A young life cut way to short by an asthma attack. Today with the advances in medical treatment he would have survived. His family are supporting Asthma Australia in helping to fund teacher education become asthma aware.

Colin Cyril Telfer Memorial Fund

Local couple supports those charities that they did during their lifetime…

Mundango Trust

The Mundango Trust has been established to provide opportunities for young people in the Tumut and Braidwood region.

Rachel Baker Memorial Fund

Donating to Charities in lieu of flowers is becoming the families preferred method of support during the grieving period.

Eric Crawford Memorial Fund

Eric had been a regular supporter of charities throughout his life time. When it came time to make his Will, those charities were not forgotten and they will never forget him as his named memorial fund supports those charities into perpetuity.

Bub 4 Life Trust

Too many young lives are lost through suicide and more funding is require to help prevent families being destroyed by such tragedies. One local mother is doing all she can to help.

Ensuring the memory of his beautiful wife lived on forever. Creating a memorial fund in her name helped Bob achieve this goal.

The Sally Sinisoff Memorial Fund

Supporting charities that supported you during your life time is exactly what Salme (Sally) Sinisoff has achieved…

Francis Carroll Scholarship Fund

Scholarship funds are a perfect way to support young academics with the ever increasing costs associated with education and ensuring a gift continues on and on