Eric had been a regular supporter of charities throughout his life time. When it came time to make his Will, those charities were not forgotten and they will never forget him as his named memorial fund supports those charities into perpetuity.

Eric 'Ecka' Crawford was born in Sydney in April 1925. Eric started his career as a Fitter and Turner before joining the RAAF.

Having served from 25 May 1943 to 31 July 1952 both in Australia and overseas at Milne Bay and Nadzab, he was awarded the 1939-1945 Pacific Star, War Medal 1939-1945, Australian Service Medal 1939-1945 and Returned from Active Service Badge. 

He finished his time with the RAAF having reached the rank of Leading Aircraftman.

Eric experienced health difficulties following a medical operation in 1974. As a result of a war injury to his left leg he had a deformity which caused him to suffer osteo-arthritis to the knee and hip as well as affecting his back. It reached the point where amputation below the left knee was required.

Unfortunately, the surgeons reportedly removed the wrong leg. This left him to continue his suffering as he then refused to allow the removal of his left leg which would have rendered him a paraplegic. He was allowed to retain the bad leg and lived in fear for over thirty years that he would eventually lose that leg as well.

Following the loss of a leg he was classified a TPI pensioner from 1974 and spent over 30 years in Tuross Heads.  Erice never married and had no children.

In his Will he created a perpetual trust, The Eric Crawford Memorial Trust, with the capital to be invested and the income to be shared equally between Cerebral Palsy Alliance and Vision Australia.

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