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About us

The Capital Region Community Foundation (GreaterGood) is Canberra and Region's only public charitable foundation, established by the Public Trustee and Guardian.

GreaterGood is not a charity, however we are a charitable fund, and our aim is to "Link Good People with Good Causes".

We do this by making it possible for you to establish your own charitable foundations in a low-cost, tax-effective manner under the umbrella of GreaterGood.  You can name your charitable fund, recommend the deductible charities to benefit, receive an immediate tax deduction and see your charities benefit from the income generated perpetually.

GreaterGood currently has in excess of $11 million in 63 individual funds which have yielded approximately $1.9 million in distributions.

Unlike other charitable foundations, GreaterGood preserves and invests capital donations to produce a permanent income for the benefit and support of nominated charitable causes.

Our Trustee invests donations through common funds and distributions of income are made annually to the recommended charities.

Getting started

Have you ever wanted to make a lasting gift for a cause or charity but haven't known how?

Perhaps you've wanted to make sure your family name or that of a loved one is remembered for years to come, or perhaps you want to assist your community in some way.

GreaterGood is the answer. You can leave money or assets in your will by establishing a sub-fund, or nominate a preferred charity which has an established sub-fund within GreaterGood.

Ask your solicitor or accountant to contact the Public Trustee and Guardian (PTG) or GreaterGood to obtain the appropriate wording to be included in your will on how to establish a sub-fund, or to give to charity through GreaterGood.

Benefits of GreaterGood

The Best Facility

GreaterGood provides the best facility for everyday people to pursue their personal charitable aims joining other philanthropists with ongoing funds.

The Right Patron

GreaterGood is proud of its patron, Lady Helen Deane. Lady Deane is local, qualified, committed and takes an active role in GreaterGood activities.

The Right Trustee

How can you beat the security and professionalism of the Public Trustee and Guardian? PTG provides permanence, economy of scale, infrastructure, audit, governance, accounting, reporting and investing sustained by professional officers with appropriate skills all under one roof.

The Right Board

Fully compliant with the requirements of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997, GreaterGood has assembled a board comprising a cross-section of persons with positions of responsibility in the community.

Peace of Mind

The assurance that your wishes will be complied with.

The Right Beneficiaries

Beneficiaries are recommended by GreaterGood account holders and include worthy charities and charitable projects delivering valued services not only focused upon the region but also looking further afield, nationally and internationally.


Unlike most other charitable foundations, there are no establishment or ongoing administrative costs with GreaterGood. All of the contributed capital goes to work immediately earning cost-free, passive income for charity.